Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Sold!

Thank you to all the wonderful families that provided a new home for our puppies this season. We hope you enjoy the new additions! We have sold all our puppies and will not have a littler for probably about 2 or more years. We look forward to hearing from everyone who has a homarge pup, and seeing lots of pictures of them as they grow up! We will post pictures of the puppies periodically as they grow.

Thank you all again!

The Barnharts

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 puppies left!

The puppies are 10 weeks old now. There are 2 solid liver puppies, females, and 1 speckled puppy, male, left for sale! The solid livers are 75 and the speckled male is 125. Shots have been given and are up to date. I have a few "action" shots of the puppies on here! If you're still interested let me know. At the bottem of the page is a photo of a pup from the previous litter. Her name is Ida Brown, she is almost a year old now. This is a puppy from the same mother and father, so the puppies will most likely look similar when they get older.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Price Reduction!

We have decided not to dock the puppies tails this time around. We have had a lot of people interested in keeping the tails (including us) and because it would cost us much more money to only dock a few puppies tails (We get a 40% discount if we do 10 or more puppies at once) we are avoiding docking the tails. If you would like to dock your puppies tail you will have to wait until they are 3 months old to take them in. Because of this we have decided to reduce the cost of the solid liver puppies to 75.00 and the white speckled puppies to 125.00. We will still be providing the first parvo shot for each puppy.

Thanks to everyone who has committed to a puppy! Hope to hear from more of you soon.

Friday, December 3, 2010

2 week photos

Dog Pile!

The puppies will be 2 weeks old this Sunday! Here are the most recent pictures. Above each picture it will state the sex of the puppy, whether it is sold or not, and whether it is the runt. We will be posting more pictures soon. Tails will be docked next week so if you would like to buy a puppy without a docked tail we need to know asap.

Male Sold
Male Sold (S)
Female Sold (B)
Male Sold (D)
Female Runt

Sunday, November 21, 2010

They're Here!

The puppies arrived today! They all appear healthy and strong at this point! There are 10 puppies. 4 are female and 6 are male. All the white pups are male puppies. We have decided to sell the white puppies for 150.00 and the liver puppies for 100.00. They will be available to take home in 6-8 weeks depending on the readiness of the pups. We will be taking them in this week, weather permitting, to get their tails docked and their dew claws clipped. If you are interested in a puppy and would prefer not to have the tail docked, we will need to know this within the week or we will automatically dock the tail. We will also be providing the first parvo shot for each puppy.

Thanks to those who have bought puppies from us before that have advertised for us! We look forward to finding some great homes for our beautiful dogs.

If you have any questions about the breed or the mother and father, you can go to the first entry on this blog, or cick here and it will take you there. Our contact information is on the right hand side of this page.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's that time again!

I'm happy to let everyone know that our female is going to have puppies any day! Seems our male got to her a little earlier then we planned, so this will be our last litter. She will most likely be having her puppies within the next week or two, so we will be keeping you all updated and will post pictures as soon as the puppies are born. Looks like it may be another large litter!

Thanks to all of you who have shown interest in a puppy. We are still debating what we will sell the puppies for this time around, but will most likely stick to 100.00 for the liver pups and 150.00 for the white pups. I will fill you in if that changes.

I hope we have good news for you soon!

The Barnharts

Sunday, July 18, 2010

All Puppies Sold!

Thank you to everyone who scooped up one of our beautiful puppies! We know they all have wonderful homes and will be well cared for. What a blessing to see a litter of 12 grow into healthy puppies without a hitch!

We are very sorry that we don't have any more puppies available this year, but wanted to let everyone else who has called and been interested in the puppies that we will be letting our Female have another litter of puppies next Spring! It's a long time to wait, but the wait is worth it for a quality dog at an unbeatable price.

Thanks again!

The Barnharts