Sunday, May 2, 2010

New arrivals!

Marge and Homer's puppies were born on May Day, 5/1/2010, and will be available mid June for pick up. Our contact information is just to the right on this page.

Marge is an AKC registered pure bread German Shorthair pointer. Homer is exactly half GSP and half Chesapeak Bay Retriever (both of his parents were AKC registered purebreads). They are both excellent hunting dogs and even greater family dogs. We ourselves have 3 small children and my family and friends can also attest to how well behaved and friendly the mother and father are.

We are asking 100.00 for each pup. there are 8 females and 4 males. There is only 1dark male and 3 white males. There are 2 white females (one white female is already spoken for) and 6 dark females (one dark female has now been spoken for). We will not reserve a puppy unless payment is made. We will be docking their tails and administering their first shots before they are sent to their new homes.

Here are photos of the mother, father, and the newborn pups.

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  1. I have to say that Marge is the best Mama! Can't believe how mellow she is with all of my kids running around and holding babies! She is attentive and patient! What a great Mama! And for anyone interested, my 19 month old was out playing fetch with Homer (the daddy) who is 5 times his size and not once did he get knocked over or anything! Great family dogs!!