Sunday, July 18, 2010

All Puppies Sold!

Thank you to everyone who scooped up one of our beautiful puppies! We know they all have wonderful homes and will be well cared for. What a blessing to see a litter of 12 grow into healthy puppies without a hitch!

We are very sorry that we don't have any more puppies available this year, but wanted to let everyone else who has called and been interested in the puppies that we will be letting our Female have another litter of puppies next Spring! It's a long time to wait, but the wait is worth it for a quality dog at an unbeatable price.

Thanks again!

The Barnharts

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Sissy (Squirt) is doing just fine! Last week at 11 week appt, her weight was 14.5 pounds. We are really enjoying her and my husband is doing a great job of training her.